Pressure Injector

Pressure Injector

Argon Medical Systems provides high pressure injector used for CT with contrast .It features direct pressure sensor for safe injection and could join work with international brands of GE,Philips and Toshiba

Argon Medical Systems offers you Both Nemoto and Medrad Single channel and double channel injector for your CT scan System at good price.

Nemoto Injector
Medrad Injector

The new Injector has been ergonomically designed considering every detail during the products use, matching the product for the objective. This has made possible extremely intuitive and simple operations, significantly enhancing the user confidence during operation.


  • Injection Status LED light
  • Injection status is provided via LED and audible sound
  • Quick Selection Panel
  • Just touch the part to be examined on the panel.The data setup screen will be displayed.
  • One-touch Mounting
  • Just insert and rotate the syringe. Simple, reliable mounting
  • Home Page
  • Simple menu display with easy to follow icons
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