Spare Parts

Argon Spare Parts

Through our global equipment network, Argon provides an extensive variety of parts, components, and supplies for all types of imaging equipment. We guarantee our parts are thoroughly inspected and determined to be high quality for your replacement needs.

At Argon we stock it all, including cables, transformers, control panels, control boards, equipment covers, monitors, keyboards, hard drives, power supplies, supply boards, switches, cooling fans, assembly kits, motors, adapters, sensors, brackets, and so much more!

We keep medical imaging equipment parts in stock. We offer replacement parts for equipment such as Refurbished CT Scanner systems.

CT Tubes

Argon Medical Systems has quality used CT tubes available with warranty and installation, at prices you can afford.

Toshiba Tubes
  • 2.0 MHU – Xvision; Xpress; Asteion; Auklet; Xpeed, Alexion
  • 3.5 MhU – Xvision; Xpress GX/HS1; Asteion VF, Alexion 16
  • 4.0 MHU – Asteion VR, VI, Multi (4-slice), Asteion Super 4, Activion 16
  • 6.5 MHU – Xpress SX; Asteion
  • Aquilion Single, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64
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